What is Pledge

What is Rainbow Pledge?

Girls ages 8-10 are called Pledges. Though they cannot become a full Rainbow Girl until age 11, they are welcomed and encouraged to participate in many activities including charity work, installations, and many other assembly activities. At this stage, the pledges enjoy the “big sister” relationships they will form with the older girls as they work and play side by side, absorbing the positive energy that comes from being a good person inside and out.

Being a member in Rainbow Pledge can open the door to experiences and friendships that will stay with your daughter throughout her life. We are confident that learning to be of service to others will bring your daughter a genuine feeling of accomplishment, that she will discover the meaning of true happiness by helping others. You are welcome to attend the Pledge meetings and activities, and we encourage you to do so.

Our program is a confidence builder! Your daughter will learn how to accept responsibility and how to be both an effective leader and a dependable follower. She will have the opportunity to learn how to speak effectively and to listen carefully.

Several activities during the year will be held with the Rainbow Girls with the hope that, on her eleventh birthday, your daughter will decide she wants to continue our program by becoming a Rainbow Girl.

Our program is designed to be inexpensive. There are no membership fees or dues. However, occasionally, you may be asked to assist with an activity as a chaperone or to provide transportation or refreshments.

We want to assure you that Rainbow Pledge is not a religion, but, the program does require the belief in the existence of a Supreme Being and encourages each Pledge to be active in the church of her choice.

Because we ask our girls to wear dresses or skirts in pastel colors to the meetings, we also ask the same of our adult leaders and women guests.

If you are interested in joining our Pledge Group, please contact us.